02 July 2007

Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran

I'm a little surprised at how gingerly Iran has been entering into an alliance with Cuba and Venezuela. Given their complimentary networks and natural resources, their significant material needs (housing, etc), and their shared animosity toward the Bushes, these are modest commitments.

From the AP's Iran Plans To Join Cuba-Venezuela Trade Deal As Honorary Member:

Hosseini said Iran and Venezuela would sign some 20 memorandums of understanding during Chavez's visit, but he did not provide further details.

Iran's state-run television said the two countries would sign agreements on the construction of a 7,000-unit housing project and an artisan school, both in Venezuela.

Iran has partnered with Venezuela on several industrial projects in the South American nation, including the production of cars, tractors and plastic goods, the television added.

I'm guessing that the fledgling allies are trying not provoke NeoCon wrath. But it's only a matter of time before Belarus, Syria, China and all her clients chime in.

Such an alliance is not good for those hoping to expand individual liberties abroad, FOX news, etc..

But those advocates have no one to blame but Condi Rice. She's the architect of the Administration's refusal to distinguish between nationalist terrorism and transnational Sunni terrorism, the real enemy.